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Come with us on a journey. Carefully designed, beautifully made electric car charge points.

Uncompromising quality and style.
A charge point worth driving home to.

The A2 is our iconic wall mounted charge point that cleverly hides the integrated cable and plug.

Smart controlled connectivity and the choice of 7kW or 3-Phase, 22kW power keeps you in charge and in control. Smart Phone activated lock and unlock features give ou reliable smart charging that wont let you down.

From modernist town houses to charming coastal cottages, the Andersen A2 can be personalised to match the unique style of any home. Select from a range of metal finishes and natural woods to transform your charging experience.

For unrivalled aesthetics and reliable charging, relax you’ve just found it.

Evoflek charging cables are probably the worlds most flexible and lightweight charging cable on the market. They are light to lift and flex into easy shapes which makes storing them a breeze. Evoflek charging cables are available in different lengths and custom made exclusively in the UK. Beware of stiff and heavy imitations!


Going electric is more than an ethical choice. It’s a choice to embrace the future. A decision to bring your home, and your life up to date with pioneering and intelligent technology.


We don’t believe anyone who’s made that choice should be forced to compromise. With every product we make, we match smart technology with genuine craftsmanship. Each Andersen charge point is made to order in our UK factory

using materials of the highest quality. The end result is a product built to deliver perfect performance year after year. A product that lets you get on with life without interruption.

We invest in a simple philiosophy to make charging your EV as great as driving one.

Experience the best.


Andersen. Worth Driving Home To.



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