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Free 3-year Warranty

Grant of £350 towards charge point installation

Watch our new video introduction to home charge points



  • We will conduct an on site visit to look at your preferred location, explain the process, and discuss your options and charge point requirements - whatever you need to make the best decision for you

  • We can perform all electrical works required, so we can assist with everything that you need to get your electric charging point up and running, ensure it is safe, and that it complies with current regulations

  • We supply & install products that work with your Solar Installations, enabling free vehicle charging by the power of the sun! 

  • If desired, we can install 2 charge points at your home, by incorporating load management ensuring safe supply levels

  • We're here to help and advise - check out our EV charging cost and time calculator here


To be eligible for OLEV EVHS grant:

  • You have dedicated off-street parking

  • Your plug-in vehicle is approved by OLEV 

  • You have not already claimed the grant for your vehicle

  • By claiming the grant, you are not exceeding the limit of two OLEV funded chargepoints per household

Detailed information on the OLEV EVHS grants can be found on the governments OLEV website here.


In addition, your safety is our number 1 concern, so Morzak can ensure your electrical installation meets the latest standards and regulations for your electric car charging at home





Contact Us - Via phoneemail, or the contact form here and we will have a brief discussion on your needs, and arrange the next steps. Units are available for typical homes in 3.6kW and 7.2kW versions - to understand what this means, click here.


Survey - A home survey will establish all your needs, detail all the work required, collect all the information to ensure your grant application runs smoothly, and establishes an installation date


An engineer will come on site, complete your installation, and complete all the relevant paperwork, certificates, and notifications on your behalf


Morzak will provide warranty support for your products, in the exceptional instance that any issues arise, and can also offer follow-up services, routine maintenance, and inspections

Want A Free Consultation, Quotation, and Survey?


Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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